Immuno-Oncology & Oncology

Fortrea is passionate and dedicated to advancing oncology therapeutic options with the patient in mind.

Comprehensive expertise and impact demonstrated in more than 1,100 global oncology studies across nearly 27,400 sites in 91 countries over the last five years.

Deep medical and operational experience with precision medicine programs,including immuno-oncology and cell and gene therapy.

Focused on precision medicine.

We bring extensive depth of expertise to oncology therapeutic development. Our MDs and subject matter experts have helped bring many of today's precision medicines to market, from targeted therapies to immunotherapies to advanced cell and gene therapies.

Immuno-oncology (I/O) has become a significant opportunity for oncology drug discovery and development. The ability to harness each person's unique immune system in a meaningful manner that dampens the deadly effects of tumor cells has created the explosion of precision medicine.

Making gains in precision medicine requires the use of novel methods to test quickly and target the right therapy to the right individual. At Fortrea, we have proven experience in immuno-oncology studies, including more than 320 studies in the last five years, conducted in more than 8,400 sites in 82 countries across the U.S., Europe and APAC.

Cell and gene therapies (CGT) are bringing new options to patients, while revolutionizing the future of medicine. Endowed with extensive medical, operational and regulatory experience, our team helps navigate the complexities of this dynamic industry and drives advanced therapy development forward.

By offering tailored solutions to help clients reach their development goals — from early clinical development, to registrational trials, to commercialization and long-term follow up, we've been able to support more than 110 cell and gene therapy programs in the last five years.

Your partner for comprehensive oncology clinical trials.

Whether you need support with early-phase adaptive trial design, site selection, patient identification, or targeted services for late-phase oncology trials, trust the expertise of an agile and experienced partner. Fortrea has the tools to help improve health and lives by bringing oncology treatments to market quickly and carefully.

Fortrea’s dedicated, global oncology team — backed by more than 50 medical directors — serves as a committed partner with the expertise and experience to deliver a comprehensive trial solution that fits an organization’s business and strategy. As a partner, we help find the right patients and sites, understand unique data needs, deliver customized strategies and help guide organizations to a successful execution focused on quality. With Fortrea, you can be confident your trial is in the hands of oncology experts who have the passion, commitment, and drive to find better answers for patients, now.

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