Rheumatoid Arthritis

Augment study planning and speed patient enrollment with evidence-based approaches

Optimize product pricing for successful market entry

Even with great progress in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), significant unmet needs persist. There is no cure, treatments are often inconvenient and expensive, and safety is still a concern. Fortrea understands the challenges faced in RA clinical development and we have the insight and experience to help achieve success.

Understanding rheumatoid arthritis industry demands.

  • A “treat to target” approach leads to more aggressive treatments
  • Steady market growth, due in part to aging population
  • Movement towards early diagnosis and treatment of patients
  • Expanded range of treatment options including novel biologics and small molecules
  • Increasing availability of biosimilars making biologic treatments more accessible


The nature of RA trials and the current development landscape create a number of challenges in many RA clinical development programs. Through our extensive experience in RA clinical trials, we have accrued the operational and scientific expertise to help meet timelines and save costs in RA clinical development programs.

Fortrea’s experience in rheumatoid arthritis clinical development programs:

  • Management of 28 studies across 1200+ sites and 11,000+ patients
  • Proven experience in meeting RA trial timelines
  • Performance metrics on more than 1,400 rheumatologists

Target patient populations for efficient recruitment.

  • Clinical trial opt-in patient initiative currently with more than 2,570 RA patients
  • Incorporation of global disease prevalence data to identify target patient populations
  • Performance metrics on more than 1,400 Phase II–III RA investigators
  • Consistent achievement of RA study recruitment timelines
  • Expertise with specialty inflammatory biomarkers, e.g., GlycA, rheumatoid factor and hCRP

Improve patient retention through education and support.

  • Established patient support system, including health education and appointment reminders
  • Fortrea voice of patient insights used in trial design to ensure patient-centric trials

Optimize product pricing for successful market entry.

Having supported market entry of numerous inflammation products globally, our dedicated market access team amplifies real-world value to achieve optimal reimbursement.

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