Decentralized Clinical Trials

Clinical trial models are evolving rapidly, allowing us to offer new approaches that increase patient recruitment, as well as engagement and retention, and promote continuity for your clinical trials. Fortrea’s decentralized clinical trial (DCT) solutions offer a host of remote, mobile and virtual capabilities, which set a new standard for how trials should be conducted. Patient-centric DCT solutions work in tandem with Fortrea’s unparalleled global network of experienced clinical research professionals.

Connecting everyone and everything.

Each decentralized clinical trial begins with connections. Between investigator site staff and potential study participants. Between clinicians and enrolled patients. Between Fortrea team members of the sites and study sponsors. Between information and action.

Our DCT technology platform is built to connect. Whether you need wearable sensors, such as continuous glucose meters or actimetry devices, or require back-end connectivity through an external data capture system, we have the solutions you need to streamline your digital data capture and analysis workflow.

Our eSource data collection connects our mobile clinicians with sites for more accurate data transfer, in real time.

The most impactful technology is that which connects people to experiences, understanding, and one another.

When we design and implement DCTs, we take a holistic approach to provide a seamlessly integrated, technology-enabled solution that reduces patient burden. We continuously receive feedback from actual and prospective patients via our Patient Intelligence network, which ensures we have up-to-date insights to guide our support for your study.

Supporting decentralized, virtual and hybrid studies.

Fortrea’s unparalleled global network of experienced clinical research professionals and mobile clinicians has at their disposal a state-of-the-art technology platform that they can utilize to assist in the development of clinical trials solutions. This in-house competency is a highly configurable infrastructure that enables our clinical research experts to connect and enable our patient- centric services, binding them into a seamless, integrative solution that delivers optimized digital workflows. The result is a uniquely smooth and transparent experience for patients, investigators and sponsors. Whether you need clear-cut eConsent and ePRO solutions or device integrations for digital biomarkers, we are your source for today’s most valuable trial solutions.

Delivering high-touch care through high-tech delivery.

Patients participating in your clinical trial will benefit from our in-home study drug administration, sampling services (blood draws, biologic sampling and urine collection), clinical assessments (vital signs, ECGs, weight), complete patient support and training on trial participation and mobile device/sensor/application use.

Guiding the process for intuitive patient engagement.

Our technology platform is engineered for patients to engage intuitively. Patients can easily navigate app screens for reminders, alerts and dosing diaries, and they can even use photos or videos to document dosing. They can also follow clear animations and data-driven screens to guide them through the process.

Reducing patient burden with telehealth.

Videoconferencing is now a critical part of patient care—for practitioners, investigators and patients alike. As the use of telehealth becomes the norm, we’re able to reduce the need for patients to travel and increase their engagement. Using our advanced technologies, they can share screens and documents, hold multiparty conference calls, record sessions and use instant messaging chats based on their preferences.

Providing a seamless experience for patients.

A pillar of our patient-centric model is a global, in-house ability to bring the clinical trial to your patients. For many trials, this means providing mobile clinicians to deliver in-home services such as blood draws and other biologic sample collections, clinical assessments and study drug administration. The patient can decide where it’s best for the visit to happen — at home, at school or at work — making the experience truly patient-centric. In addition, our global network of clinicians can provide patient training and education to ensure study compliance, chaperone patients to investigator site visits and assist with collecting questionnaire data. We are also experienced at providing direct-to patient (DTP) dispensing and transport of IP, as well as support of Human Factor Studies.

The results.

  • Because our Fortrea decentralized clinical trial solutions are designed around patients, we’re able to increase patient reach and diversity
  • The experience is enhanced for patients, investigators and sponsors, and trial data is improved
    • Patient burden is reduced, making it easier for them to find and enroll in your trial
    • Investigator sites reduce administration time and can focus on critical patient interactions, either in person or via telehealth
    • Fortrea's global network of mobile clinicians provides in-home trial services that can be deployed by investigator sites to increase their efficiency
  • Sponsors benefit from a connected data infrastructure that yields better decisions, faster
  • Our easily configured platform accelerates your trial startup by avoiding time-consuming customization, potentially saving up to a month or more between a kick-off meeting and first patient in

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