Mobile Clinical Services

A pillar of our patient-centric model is a global, in-house ability to bring the clinical trial to your patients. For many trials, this will mean providing mobile clinicians to deliver in-home services such as blood draws and other biologic sample collections, clinical assessments and study drug administration. The patient can decide where it’s best for the visit to happen—at home, at school, at work—to make the experience truly patient-centric. In addition, our global network of clinicians can provide patient training and education to ensure study compliance, chaperone patients to investigator site visits and assist with collection of questionnaire data.  We are also experienced at providing direct-to-patient (DTP) dispensing and transport of IP, as well as support of human factor studies. 

Your Patients Deserve High-Touch, High-Tech Trial Experiences


In-home mobile clinical services

We offer in-home study drug administration, sampling services (blood draws, biologic sampling, and urine collection), clinical assessments (vital signs, ECGs, weight), complete patient support and training on trial participation and mobile device/sensor/application use. 

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