snapClinical® Platform

The core of our decentralized clinical trial (DCT) solution is our DCT technology platform, snapClinical®. This in-house competency is a highly configurable infrastructure that connects and enables all of our patient-centric services, binding them into a seamless, integrative solution that delivers optimized digital workflows for a uniquely smooth and transparent experience for patients, investigators and sponsors.

Seamlessly connect trial participants, providers and sites

Creating a patient-centric experience from the start.

Delivering end-to-end support for patient engagement.

Our technology platform is engineered for engagement. Easily navigable screens provide reminders, alerts, dosing diaries and can even support document dosing with photos or videos. Clear animations and data-driven screens guide patients through the process. We support both BYOD and provisioned devices.  

Reducing patient burden by enabling televisits.

Face-to-face interactions with practitioners are a critical part of patient care—both from the perspective of the investigator and in terms of patient engagement with the trial. We provide televisit tools that reduce the need for patients to travel. Our advanced technology allows for screen/document sharing, multi-party conference calls, session recording and the use of instant message chats when appropriate and preferred.

Streamlining your digital data capture.

The DCT Technology Platform is built to connect. Whether you need wearable sensors, such as continuous glucose meters or actigraphy devices, or require back-end connectivity through an external data capture system, we have the solutions you need to streamline your digital data capture and analysis workflow.

Speeding design and implementation with a configurable platform.

Our easily configurable platform accelerates your trial startup by avoiding time-consuming customization. The net result is up to a month—or more—saved between the kick-off meeting and first patient in.

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