Partner with experts in advancing novel treatments for multiple inflammatory diseases.

Ensure robust and meaningful data through effective trial design and endpoint assessment.

Leverage integrated medical, operational and commercial approaches for inflammation study success.

A holistic approach to inflammation research.

The current understanding of inflammatory dysregulation shared across many organs, systems and diseases means that single organ-based symptom relief is insufficient. It is key to harness a more holistic approach to inflammation drug development, which addresses the imbalance between immune activation and control. This targets disease modification instead of symptom alleviation, which has tremendous future implications as over 80 chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (IMID) share similar molecular pathways. Harnessing our scientific expertise and experience in bringing inflammation therapies to market, enables you to extend your reach and bring benefit to more patients.

Maximize the return on your product.

The interconnected nature of inflammatory diseases creates not only complexity within inflammation research, but also the opportunity for a high return on investment for successful therapeutic agents. For this strategic approach, you need a single partner that can screen novel agents in multiple inflammatory diseases. We offer extensive clinical expertise to help identify and advance your novel agents, whether they are new chemical entities, biologics, biosimilars or stem cells.

High-quality data and low-risk trials, wherever you are.

Progressing new therapies into trials requires the right patients and the most suitable sites, which are often found all over the world. To support your global study plan, you need a partner with a global footprint. At any given time, Fortrea is working on more than 40 percent of clinical trials worldwide. Insights gained from the data collected, which are housed in a central knowledge base, allow us to address your clinical trial needs strategically. Meanwhile, Fortrea data can be leveraged to pressure-test trial protocols, identify optimal sites and target specific patient populations. Our worldwide pool of expertise allows centralized assessment of trial endpoints and ongoing test results, wherever your trial sites are, which yields consistent analyses and data you can rely on.

Therapy area expertise combined with extensive clinical development experience.

Succeeding in a competitive and complex disease landscape requires expertise and a deep understanding of specific therapy areas, biomarker identification and validation, the current regulatory environment and, in some cases, biosimilar development. We have conducted 190 studies in rheumatoid arthritis since 2012 (Phase I–IV). The top three best-selling rheumatoid arthritis drugs of 2015 were developed in partnership with us, and we were involved in the development of the first marketed anti-IL-6 product. Our years of experience bringing inflammation treatments to market is consistently supported by our expert regulatory team.

Our regulatory team has extensive experience dealing with both global and local agencies worldwide. Underpinning the success of drugs developed with us is our longstanding expertise in the identification, development and validation of biomarkers.

Partnership from early phase trial design through commercialization.

A collaboration with a contract research organization that has broad scientific expertise is required in inflammatory disease research. Our specialized scientific and operational teams are positioned to help move your products from concept to commercialization, facilitating transition between stages of the development continuum. We have experience with 14 of the 15 top IMID drugs and are adept in providing the necessary tools for your therapy to achieve success in the field of inflammatory diseases.

Informatics suite reduces risk, time and cost in clinical trials.

Fortrea leverages data to help you make informed clinical trial decisions. This enables us to recommend the best U.S. study sites based on the location of target patient pools and the ranking of trial investigators. Our other informatics solutions can increase operational efficiencies across all aspects of your trial, covering processes such as trial management and site performance monitoring, while reducing risks through independent data review and near-real-time quantification of adverse events and protocol deviations. Using these advanced analytical solutions, trial timelines and costs can be significantly reduced.

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