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Finding a clinical trial.
Trials for healthy volunteers

Trials with healthy volunteers are designed to develop new knowledge rather than to provide direct benefit. If you are a healthy adult, aged 18 or above, you can apply to be considered for paid participation in Phase I clinical trial studies.

Trials for patients

Interventional clinical studies—studies that evaluate direct impacts of investigational treatments or preventive measures on diseases—are being run at research centers all over the world. As with any decision you make that may impact your health, speak with your doctor about finding and participating in a clinical trial. For more information about specific clinical trials, visit which provides a catalog of all registered clinical studies.

Fortrea has been conducting clinical research studies for more than 40 years at our clinics in the US and the UK. Men and women are all paid to take part in our clinical studies. We’re always recruiting for a wide range of participants, including people just like you.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial, also called research study or medical study, can help determine if medications, vaccines, medical devices and medical procedures are safe and effective for treating or preventing diseases and health conditions.

Before a drug (medication) can be prescribed, it must go through a long testing and approval process, including clinical trials. A clinical trial is used to test new drugs and develop new uses for existing drugs. At our Fortrea research clinics—located in Dallas, TX, Madison, WI, Daytona Beach, FL, and Leeds, UK—our dedicated team of medical professionals work with some of the world’s leading companies on clinical trials to answer questions such as:

  • How is a drug absorbed into the body?
  • How does one drug react to another drug?
  • How is a drug affected by food?

Clinical trials help also researchers determine the best dosing, timing and administration for a new drug.

Who participates in clinical trials?

People can participate in clinical trials whether they are healthy or have been diagnosed with a specific disease or medical condition.

When you participate in a clinical trial (often called a study), you get to be part of new research that has the potential to bring scientific breakthroughs or life-saving treatments to patients in need. If selected for a study, you will also be paid for your time and effort. Compensation is based on the length of the study plus the number of overnight stays in our facility and number of outpatient visits attended.

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