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Fortrea Site Connections

Together, we deliver trials around the world

The CRO of Choice for Clinical Trial Sites

Our mission is clear: to be the CRO of choice for clinical trial sites. We’re leading the way in transforming the landscape of clinical research by listening, collaborating and responding to the needs to sites, leaving them free to do what sites do best – patient care.

Together with our global community of sites we have:


Supported the development of the top 50 pharmaceutical drugs on the market


Conducted 5,850+ studies with  ~92K investigators


Worked with over 1M patients


Honed our craft with over 30+ years of industry expertise

The Fortrea Site Advisory Board

Established as a mechanism to listen more intently to sites, the Fortrea Site Advisory Board delivers a unique opportunity to partner with sites and develop and deliver bold solutions. Empowered by site and patient insights, we are able to help sponsors design and deliver clinical trials that reduce complexity for patients, sponsors and sites.

The Fortrea Clinical Trial Ecosystem

A streamlined integrated clinical trial experience that benefits patients, sites and—ultimately—trials.

The explosion of technology “solutions” required to be used in trials is hindering rather than helping sites. So we have taken action. By leveraging our unique vantage point in the industry, we are layering our expertise over the technology and data offerings from best-in-class providers to  dramatically simplify the experience for patients, sites and sponsors when they take part in Fortrea run clinical trials. 

For sites, this delivers 

A cloud-based, simplified sign-on experience for Fortrea-run studies 

A unified environment with a single repository for study documents and records

Dashboards to monitor patient compliance

An easy interface, removing protocol complexity 

We are committed to develop and grow the Fortrea Clinical Trial Ecosystem, maturing integrations and adding new functionality and compatibility, leveraging capabilities and innovations from best-in-class providers that complement the mission of the Fortrea Clinical Ecosystem – leaving Sites to do what Sites do best – patient care.

Let’s Deliver Exceptional Trials Together: Become a Fortrea Site.

Join us in our mission to transform the clinical trial experience for all stakeholders. With your expertise and our innovative approach, we can transform the way clinical research is conducted. Because together, exceptional is possible.

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Serious About Sites.

As a proud member of SCRS (Society for Clinical Research Sites), we continuously build and nurture genuine relationships with clinical trial sites, and contribute our voice to the growth of our industry.

Meet us at forthcoming SCRS congresses and at many of the leading research / therapy area conferences we attend each year.

SCRS Website Events

Site Superstars

Success in clinical research is driven by people. Ours and yours. Together, these Site Superstars bring trials to life, collecting the data needed to secure new groundbreaking treatments for the people in our care.