Advance dermatology programs with experienced medical and clinical research professionals who specialize in the full spectrum of pharmaceutical and cosmetic clinical development

Partner with professionals worldwide who have expertise in dermatology endpoint assessments, including investigator scales, patient reported outcomes and photographic imaging

Find the right patients and sites in a competitive environment — only Fortrea combines one of the world’s largest sources of de-identified patient diagnostic and intelligence data with investigator data from the majority of global clinical trials

Fortrea’s cutting-edge scientific and medical experts leverage global outreach to provide patient-centric clinical trials, astute counsel and enterprise-wide centers of excellence that yield true value in the form of transformative insights and applied market impact for dermatology studies. Our relationships provide insight and strategic guidance, which lead to better patient experiences, improved clinical outcomes and expedited regulatory approvals.

You want a partner that anticipates the potential challenges associated with your study. Fortrea draws upon global experience in dermatology — from 163 studies involving 28,092 patients from 2,831 sites across 53 countries.

Endpoint assessment experience.

A successful clinical trial requires dermatology endpoint assessments with investigator scales, patient-reported outcomes and photographic imaging. Fortrea has the expertise to select the appropriate disease-specific assessments for each trial and ensure the quality of data and integration into electronic data capture systems.

Understanding the patient.

Fortrea is committed to including the deep understanding of disease burden for diverse patients and the dermatologists who care for them. Incorporating their knowledge of the patient journey — often from childhood throughout their lives — we are clearly aligned to assist with clinical trial development and patient recruitment strategies.

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