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Exploring Applications of CAR-T Therapy Outside Oncology: Strategies for Applying Lessons Learned

19 June 11am EDT (NA) | 4pm BST (UK) | 5pm CEST (EU-Central) Duration: 60 min Watch Here
Webinar overview

Join us for an insightful webinar delving into the expanding horizons of CAR-T therapy beyond oncology. CAR-T therapy stand at the forefront of medical innovation, offering not only novel treatments for cancer but also promising avenues for addressing a wide array of non-oncological diseases.

Explore how these therapies are poised to revolutionize treatment paradigms, adaptation of CAR-T therapy to immunomodulatory approaches for autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and other non-oncologic conditions.

Through this webinar will also spotlight the seamless transition of oncology expertise into non-oncological realms, illustrating how clinical development operational insights gleaned from managing cancer treatments can be effectively applied to enhance patient care in other disease contexts. Drawing parallels between the complexities of oncology clinical development and the challenges inherent in other therapeutic areas, our panel will elucidate the invaluable lessons learned and strategies devised within the field of oncology that can be leveraged to optimize outcomes in diverse medical domains.

We will examine the evolutionary trajectory of biologic therapies, noting how less complex treatments such as monoclonal antibodies have successfully expanded beyond oncology into rheumatology, autoimmune diseases, and beyond. This journey serves as a testament to the adaptability and versatility of advanced therapeutic modalities, hinting at a future where cell and gene therapies seamlessly integrate into the fabric of modern medicine, offering hope and healing to patients worldwide.

Our expert panel will explore the current and future landscape of these CAR-T therapy, highlighting its diverse applications and potential. From revolutionizing treatment approaches in non-oncological diseases to leveraging operational oncology experience for broader therapeutic insights, this webinar will provide valuable lessons and insights into the transformative power CAR-T therapy across various therapeutics.

Key Takeaways

  • Current advancements and future prospects in cell and gene therapy: Understanding the latest developments shaping the field
  • Nature of CAR-T and transition from oncology to non-oncology indications challenges complexities running clinical trials
  • Leveraging operational oncology experience: Translating lessons learned from oncology into other therapeutic areas for enhanced patient outcomes


Jan Skoumal Executive Director, Global Project Delivery, Oncology
Frederick Derosier, D.O. Head of Fortrea’s Rare Diseases, Advanced Therapies and Pediatrics Team (RAPT).
Brian Hamilton, MD, PhD Senior Medical Director for Fortrea