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A transformative force in clinical research and device development.

We are boldly defining new benchmarks.

We are listening to what companies want from their drug development partners. We are listening to understand where the CRO industry has room to improve. And we are listening to what industry professionals want to achieve for patients. A breakthrough environment with the agility to promote and respond to changes in drug development and delivery continues to be an imperative. We are taking action. We are forming Fortrea and along with it a new blueprint for excellence in customer service to equal our renowned scientific expertise.

Awakening unparalleled partnerships.

We believe in the power of partnership to fuel insights and unlock new possibilities. We offer our customers a tailored approach to clinical trial solutions through the use of three delivery models: full service, functional service providers or a hybrid approach. Our team of more than 19,000 professionals partners with emerging and large biopharma, medical device and diagnostic companies to support operations, drive healthcare innovation and improve the lives of patients in nearly 100 countries.

Enabling advances in medicine that improve lives and instill hope.

Harnessing our passion for scientific rigor and decades of clinical trial experience, we navigate obstacles with agility and ease. We believe in advancing health equity by creating diverse and inclusive clinical trials that eliminate gaps in participation. We are problem-solvers and creative thinkers committed to opening the doors between promising ideas and proven therapies for patients, their caregivers, and healthcare providers.

Our countdown begins.

As a future spin-off from Labcorp, we are taking the spring to refine our transition plan and build the team for our formal separation from Labcorp in mid-2023. Check back often for updates.

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Career opportunities.
Are you a young professional just starting out and looking to build your career? Fortrea can be the place to make that happen.
Are you an industry veteran with years of experience under your belt looking to infuse your work with passion and creativity? We want you on our team.
Are you eager to collaborate in a diverse and inclusive environment? Join our team of energetic thinkers and problem-solvers.

Get involved in clinical trials.

Clinical trials help determine if medications, vaccines, medical devices and medical procedures are safe and effective for treating or preventing diseases and health conditions. Without clinical trials, we have no new treatments. By joining a clinical trial you contribute to meaningful change in our world. If you are interested in taking part in studies that could transform healthcare and change lives, visit our Clinical Trials page.

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